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In addition to this website, I also maintain the ten minutes to Go YouTube channel. This is where I post Student game reviews, ‘Live’ game commentaries, Analysis of my own games and videos on Go basics. There are links to all of those videos here.

How to Play Go 101’s

There are a wealth of resources in the internet for new players to get to grips with the fundamentals of the game. I didn’t want to duplicate some of the excellent material that is already out there, but to focus in on some of the key elements that beginners sometimes find confusing.

#1 Lets talk about Ko.
This video explains the Ko special rule and why its such an important and fun part of the game.

#2 Living and Dying on the Go Board.
A quick introduction to liberties, life and death.

#12 Points, Contact Plays and Ladders
This video looks at where the points actually sit on a Go board and how that influences the opening moves and then looks at stone-to-stone contact plays and our dear friend the ladder attack or Shico.

Analysing Students Games

These are all games played by students that give me the opportunity to talk about specific aspects of the game of simply help them to understand what is going on at a deeper level.

#5 Analyzing a student’s game.
This is a commentary on the game record of one of my 25 Kyu beginner students.

#6 Losing a Won Game.
In this video another of my recent 25 Kyu students – Ash, shows how to ‘lose a won game’, by losing focus in the endgame.

#10 Slack moves and the direction of play
In this video I review a game played by one of my 24 Kyu students – skywalker7. Its was not only a close fight, but it also provided a great opportunity to talk about ‘slack moves’ – the moves we really don’t need to make – and the ‘direction of attack’.

#14 Amybot Games Review and Dead Shapes
This video looks at a game between a student and one of the OGS beginner Amybots. I also explain about the Nakade, the dead shapes inside!

#15 Cutting Points, Connections and the Direction of Attack
The title of this video says it all. This is another review of one of my student’s games.

#17 Slack Moves and Killing Plays
In this video, we again look at how, without looking a little deeper, we play stones that we simply don’t need to play and as a result give our opponent two consecutive moves. It also shows the importance of doing our daily Go Problems (Tsumego) just like our five fruit and vegetables a day!

#21 Inefficient moves, Direction of Atari and Zero Sum Invasions
This is a review of one of my recent student’s games where we look at how to make our plays more efficient, plus explore the value and cost of late-game invasions.

#22 Steady stones and solid plays
On the first Sunday of each month, we hold a group tutorial on Discord. In our September 2020 session we looked again at some basic 3-4 and 4-4 Josekis. This game was played by one of my students shortly after that tutorial and shows how introducing and reviewing the basics can have a big impact on play.

#23 Big Moyos and Missed Moves
This is a review of a game by two DDK students. They have both been playing for about three months now and are progressing well on their Go journeys. They also happen to be brothers, which always adds a competitive edge to their games 🙂

Live Game Commentaries

These are recorded ‘live’ as the game is in progress and so have an exciting edge, although not always the same depth of insight as a later commentated game.

#3 A Close Fight.
This was a very close fight between two 7 Kyu players. The commentary was recorded ‘live’ as the game developed.

#4 Another close fight between 7k’s.
In this video we see another tight fight between the players. Again this video was recorded during the game with the commentary taking place in ‘real ‘time’.

#8 and #8a Playing white against a 2-stone handicap
In this game, I fight as white against an opponent with a a two stone handicap. Its a close fight until the end when one player overwhelms the other. I also realised after I had posted this video that there were points in the game when the excitement overwhelmed me and I stopped commentating or rather, started muttering to myself. I therefore added a further commentary on the game using the review tools in OGS.

#9 Even game between two 7+ Kyu’s on Pandanet
Another tight battle between two 7+ Kyu players with a large scale kill!

#19 A very close battle on KGS
This is a ‘live’ game commentary on a very close handicap fight between a 2Kyu and a 4Kyu on KGS. A failed centre invasion shifted the balance of the fight and the outcome then came down to a couple of points in the endgame (yose).

#26 The Biggest Territory Wins
This was my first ‘live’ game commentary in a while as I seem to have lost the ability to play Go and talk at the same time. I do OK here, until we get into the depths of the mid-game when a kind of strained silence descends…

#27 Taking and Keeping Control
In this live game commentary, I attempt to keep control of the game at all times, aiming for a points victory, until errors crept in…

Analysing my own Games

These videos consist of a review of my own game record, after the game has been played and is over. Game reviews are an essential part of studying and improving at Go. Normally, for amateur players, only when the game is over can we calmly reflect on the chances taken and the opportunities missed!

#7 Winning a Lost Game.
In this game, I show how despite being kicked all over the board by my opponent, I managed to hang on and turn the tide late in the mid-game.

#16 Two Ko’s Decide the Outcome of a Game
During one of my video tutorials, the question of Ko came up again. Although most beginners understand the Ko rule, they often don’t initially see why it is a vital and exciting part of the game. In this battle, Ko played a huge part!

#18 Corner Invasions and Correct Moves
In one of my recent student tutorials, we talked again about corner invasions and the correct moves. This game analysis looks at how these play out in a real game.

#20 Semeais, Seki and Trixy Corners
This is a game that I played on Pandanet. Its a typical 7 Kyu game, with some good moves and more than a few slack plays. I also use it to walk through a semeai between two groups with one eye each. Both players also miss an important Seki and the game finally ends with some trixy moves in the corner. It was a fun game.