ten minutes to GO

Ten minutes to Go started out as an idea way back in April 2020, at the start of the Covid19 lockdown. I have played Go on and off – between college, work, life and family – for over thirty years. Currently ranked 7 Kyu, I have been a regular player at the Nottingham Go Club for the past fifteen years. Like most Go players, in addition to the social aspects of the face-to-face game, I also like to play online on one of more of the various Go sites and servers, mostly on Pandanet, KGS, or OGS.

The Earth Spider making magic in the palace of Raiko.
Woodblock print by Kuniyoshi, Utagawa (1798-1861); Victoria & Albert Museum

Aside from introducing new players to the game at our weekly club sessions, since retiring from full-time work, I also volunteer as a classroom assistant at a local Primary School where I lead regular sessions introducing ten and eleven year old children to the game.

All of this ended of course with the lockdown, and so missing my Go teaching sessions, one afternoon, I posted a message on Facebook, asking if any of my friends, with time on their hands, were interested in learning to play the worlds most ancient, elegant, beautiful and brutal game?

Within a day, I had responses from fourteen of so of my Facebook contacts, across the UK, Europe and the US who said they would like to take me up on the offer and so the idea of ‘ten minutes to GO’ was born. I set up a private Facebook group so that the these new players could chat, challenge and support each other and as the group progressed I started to create short ‘how to’ videos and ‘game reviews’ that in turn spawned their own YouTube channel.

And that is where we are today. This website is my final piece of the puzzle that enables me to connect with other people who wish to take their first steps in discovering the extraordinary game of Go. The fact that you are here, means that you are interested in the game. Let me encourage you. Take those first steps, you will never regret it.

Robin Dews (June 2020)

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